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After The Races

After The Races Website Redesign
Photos By Bethany P Photography

About The Client

After the Races is a 501(c)3 Thoroughbred rehabilitation and rehoming center located in Elkton, Maryland that takes in retiring Thoroughbred racehorses.

Since 2010, After The Races has helped rehabilitate and rehome over 780 Thoroughbred horses.

After The Races' mission is to rehabilitate and rehome retiring Thoroughbred racehorses into suitable, long-term homes while promoting the versatility and usefulness of the breed beyond racing.

After The Races Website Makeover
Photos By Bethany P Photography

The Client Requested

The Client needed their website redesigned to better reflect their organization and mission, without losing the user experience that their followers enjoyed on their previous WordPress website.

The Solution

The website redesign included:

*A New Professional and Stunning Design

*Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

*A Horse Database which made it easier for the client to manage the horses’ pages.

*A Custom Dynamic Page Design For The Horses' Profiles.

*A Custom Designed Blog.

*A Mobile Version Site Design.

*A Cookies Consent Pop-up.

*Photo Galleries.

*Embedding YouTube and Facebook Videos.

*Social Media Feeds for Facebook and Instagram.

*Custom Forms.

Before & After


September 29th, 2022 – October 29th, 2022

*37 People Submitted Horse Adoption Applications

*5 People Submitted The Volunteer Form

*40 Contacts Through The Website Contact Form

*2,950+ Site Visits

*8 Horses Were Adopted

After The Races Website Design Case Study
Photos By Bethany P Photography


"Over the years we've heard a lot of our supporters say, "thank you," for having a website that is easy to read and easy to navigate. We've heard this so often that it has stalled many an attempt to revamp the website (which admittedly was pretty outdated).
Enter Equine Web Designer Anne-Marie.
Anne-Marie approached us as a fan and follower who had the toolkit to help us redesign the website without losing the existing flow that appealed to so many of our followers. With her help, we feel our website is now a better reflection of our organization and our mission."
- Bonnie, Founder of After The Races


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