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Creekside Eventing

Creekside Eventing is a new luxury Eventing barn in Georgetown, TX a suburb north of Austin, TX.

The Client requested a new website and a logo design for their new Eventing barn.
Their new business needed a logo to help their future customers recognize their brand and a website so that potential customers can find them online.

Serenity Farm Gypsy Horses Website Design.png

The Client Requested


The website design included:

*A New Professional and Stunning Design

*Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

*A Booking System for riding lessons, horse training, boarding, and more.

*A Horse Database which will make it easy for the client to manage their horses’ pages.

*30 days of support.

*A Custom Designed Blog For News and Events.

*A Mobile Version Site Design.

*A Cookies Consent Pop-up.

*Social Media Buttons for Facebook and Instagram.

*Custom Forms.


September 30th - October 30th, 2022

*232 Website Visitors

*23 Contacts Through Their Website

*Average Time Website Visitors Spent On Their Website - 2 minutes and 51 seconds.

*87% Of Website Traffic Came From Smartphones

*Website Ranked On The First Page Of Search Engines For Their Keywords In Their Local Area.


Review Coming Soon...

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