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Web Design For All Things Equine!

Equine Web Designer specializes in providing custom Wix websites for equestrians and equine businesses.


Whether you own a full-service barn, an equine photography business, or a breeding barn, together we can create you a stunning website with Wix. Together we can expand your equine business's potential growth with a custom designed website.

Working in the equine industry has many benefits, but working with horses requires patience and time. Time is money you could be making training horses, instructing riding lessons, photographing horses, etc.

Let Equine Web Designer help you

by designing your website for you.

While you work and ride,

I will design your professional equine business website.

All custom websites are designed from scratch,

using a blank website template.

The result will be a unique, custom website!

I design websites from the State of Texas, but I serve equestrians and equine businesses throughout the USA.

It would be my honor to help you

get your equine business online.

Anne Marie

(The Equine Web Designer)


Helping equine businesses on the ride to success!

Horses make a landscape look beautiful. - Alice Walker
Good design is good business. - Thomas J. Watson

Return On Investment (ROI)

A well designed website helps capture the interest of future

clients through: good user experience, call to actions, your equine business story,

website navigation, quality photos, and more.

Investing in a custom website design will likely increase sales in your equine business.

When you sell a six thousand dollar horse to a buyer who contacted you

through your website that is a return on investment.

When you get new riding students through your website

that is a return on your investment.

A professional website is like

having an employee working

24/7 to advertise your business.

What Is Wix?

WHAT IS WIX? is a cloud-based web development platform that allows users to create professional HTML5 websites and mobile sites. For more information, go to


Wix is user-friendly and highly customizable!

I utilize the Wix platform because I feel that it enables me to use my design skills in a more detailed way than I could with the WordPress platform. The Wix platform also allows you to maintain your website without the requirement of knowing complicated code. The Wix platform enables me to finish your website design in around 1 month, vs If I utilized the WordPress platform your website design could take 3 - 6 months for completion. I always start with the blank template to create a completely custom design. I also utilize Wix Velo/Code in some custom website designs.

What this means is that after I have designed your site, You will have full editing capabilities

through the Wix Editor. 

*Though I utilize, I am not affiliated with Therefore I do not receive any commission directly from the company.

It always seems impossible until it's done. - Nelson Mandela
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