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Websites For Photographers

Helping Equestrian Business Women On Their Ride To Success!

Increase your brand awareness, grow your audience, and convert clicks into clients with a new Website, Logo, Branding, or Graphic Design.

Ready to grow your equine business?

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Equine Web Designer specializes in equine business branding, offering design services that cater to the specific needs and niche of the equine industry.  

Let me help you develop a unique brand identity that sets you apart from the rest. Request branding services for your equine business to get started!

Creekside Eventing Branding Board | Equine Web Designer
HodgePodge Farrm & Equine Rescue Website Design | Equine Web Designer

Custom Website Design

As a website designer specializing in the equine industry, let me help you elevate your horse business with a professional and unique online presence.

My expertise ensures that your website appeals to your target audience and effectively showcases what your business represents.

Custom Logo Design

As an equestrian graphic designer, I am committed to creating a logo that represents your unique brand.

Let me help you take your brand to the next level with a stunning logo that reflects the heart of your business.

The Laundry Stall Logo & Branding Board | Equine Web Designer
Equine Wellness Website Template For Wix | Equine Web Designer

Horse Website Templates

User-friendly website templates designed specifically for the equine industry. You can DIY or If you would like help, I can set up your website template for you.

SEO services are available to add on. 

Request a website template for your equine business today!

Search Engine Optimization

Saddle up for success with our search engine optimization services! We can help your equine business grow by improving your website's SEO.

Message to request SEO services for your business.

Creekside Eventing Search Engine Optimization SEO | Equine Web Designer
Stallion AD

Horse Ad Design

Looking to advertise your sale horse or stallion at stud?

I specialize in designing ads that will make your stunning horse stand out amongst the herd. 

Reach out to get your custom horse ads designed for the next magazine issue or equestrian event.

Graphic Design

Elevate your equine business to new heights with custom graphics. Whether it's through logos, branding, or other marketing materials, I'll work with you to ensure that your graphics match your unique brand.

Marketing Graphic For Au Bookkeeping | Equine Web Designer
BEHS Brochure Design

Print Design

Looking for a graphic designer who specializes in print design for equestrians? Look no further.

At Equine Web Designer, I offer high-quality designs that capture the spirit and beauty of horses.

Whether you need a horse show banner or business cards, I'm here to help.


Website Makeover

"Over the years we've heard a lot of our supporters say, "thank you," for having a website that is easy to read and easy to navigate. We've heard this so often that it has stalled many an attempt to revamp the website (which admittedly was pretty outdated).
Enter Equine Web Designer Anne-Marie.

Anne-Marie approached us as a fan and follower who had the toolkit to help us redesign the website without losing the existing flow that appealed to so many of our followers.
With her help, we feel our website is now a better reflection of our organization and our mission."

- Bonnie
After The Races

Equine Web Designer
  • How Much Is A Website Design?
    It depends on your business needs and requirements. The average custom website is around $2,500. Need something under $1,000? Check out these website templates. Request design services for a custom quote.
  • How Long Does A Custom Website Design Take?
    Most website designs are launched in 4-8 weeks. ​ The faster you supply your website content, the faster the website design can be completed. ​ Completion time depends on how large your site is and what type of website.
  • What Is Wix? is a cloud-based web development platform that allows users to create professional HTML5 websites and mobile sites. For more information, go to
  • Do you work with other website platforms like Squarespace?
    Yes, I work with Wix, Squarespace, Pixieset, and Shopify. I currently do not work with the WordPress platform. WordPress is not the most user-friendly platform for you to manage your website, and it requires a lot more time to build your website. However, I can help you transition from a WordPress website to another website platform like Wix.
  • What Is HoneyBook?
    HoneyBook is an easy-to-use online booking and CRM system. HoneyBook lets users manage projects, book clients, sign contracts online, send invoices and accept payments via debit/credit card or bank transfer. It's basically an easy online contract signing and payment systems for clients.
  • Do You Offer Copy Writing Services?
    Copywriting services are coming soon... In the meantime I would be happy to connect you with an equestrian copywriter. Check out the resources page for copywriting services and more.
  • Do You Offer Graphic Design Services?
    Yes! I offer custom graphic design services for equine businesses and nonprofits.
  • Do You Design Magazine Ads?
    Yes, I charge $150 per magazine ad design. Contact me to get started!
  • What Is The Cost For Graphic Design Services?
    Graphic design rates start at $50 per graphic. Request design services for a quote.
  • Who Will Provide The Content For My Website?
    You will provide the content for your website. However, I am able to help you find images from the public domain or connect you with a professional equine photographer.
  • Do You Design Logos?
    Yes, Logo Design starts at $500. Request design services for a quote.
  • Do You Offer Refunds?
    No. Due to the nature of customized designs, all sales are final.
  • Do You Offer SEO Services?
    Yes! SEO services are available to equine businesses and nonprofits. SEO is included with all custom website design packages. Request design services for a quote.
  • Is Wix Bad For SEO?
    No, that is a myth. How did you find my Wix website? It's on the first page of Google and Bing! Some WordPress web designers will tell you that "Wix is bad for SEO" to influence you to work with them.
  • Do You Use The Pre-Designed Templates From Wix?
    No. All custom websites and graphics are designed from scratch. The result will be a unique, custom design!
  • Can I Edit My Website After Launch?
    Yes! After I have designed your website, You will have full editing capabilities through the Wix Editor. The Wix platform also allows you to maintain your website without the requirement of knowing complicated code.
  • Have Any Questions Not Answerd Here?
    You can contact me anytime through Email, Instagram or Facebook. Facebook Instagram
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